Minnesota Commercial Roofing Contractors

Minnesota Commercial Roofing Contractors


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Your commercial property is your business. If your roof is not up to par, then your entire business could lose. A leak in a commercial property roof can stop work for days on end and thus can cost your hundreds, if not thousands in production costs. Furthermore, no one wants to worry about a leaking, damaged roof when they go to work. This can lower morale. If you are using your commercial property as a store or shop, you want to make sure your roof looks as good as new at all times to attract customers and promote a certain appearance. After all, most customers will not be interested in the goods inside the store if the outside appearance is substandard.

We at Brigley Roofing understand this which is why we offer our personal dedication and quality workmanship to all our commercial roofing jobs. Brigley Roofing handles most types of commercial roofing applications, including mechanical, in the St. Paul and Minneapolis area. We invite you to consider us when reviewing commercial roofing contractors. We have experience in all types of roofing and our reputation is built on honesty and integrity.

Commercial Roofers In Minnesota


Apart from choosing the right Minnesota commercial roofing contractor, you also want to be sure you are choosing the right material for your roofing job. This will depend on your budget and your location among other things. Some of the common material used in commercial roofing projects includes the following:

Sheet metal – this is a cost effective long term choice for commercial property. It can last up to 30 to 50 years and is less expensive than some of the other roofing material options.

Asphalt shingles – shingles come with a low cost but also a lower life expectancy than other roofing material. They tend to be easily obstructed by weather including sun, rain, hail, snow and ice.

Tile – for commercial roofing, tile provides you with a beautiful finish that is aesthetically pleasing as well as durable.

Slate shingles – the most expensive option is slate shingles but you can also expect a durable roofing system that is also energy efficient. Minnesota commercial property owners may find that the initial costs of slate shingles is worth the energy bill savings, especially during those cold winters and sweltering summers.

It is important to consider your personal business needs when determining the right roofing system for your commercial property.

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Brigley Roofing has done numerous commercial jobs in Minnesota and has well over 10,000 satisfied customers. Brigley understands the concerns and the differences in demands that commercial property roofing services need. You can expect fast results, quality workmanship and expert service with Brigley Roofing. Contact us today to discuss your commercial roofing needs at (651) 458-5760.