Repair, Restore or Replace Your Home Roofing System?

Repair, Restore or Replace Your Home Roofing System?


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There is no denying it – something needs to be done about your roof. You’ve put it off long enough but now there is nowhere else to turn. If you don’t do something fast, your entire family could be left living under a leaky, damaged structure. Roofs are like any other household structure- in due time, they will need to be repaired, restored or replaced.  Many of us will put off our roofing issues year after year in hopes that the problems will suddenly fix themselves but this is never the case. So, the big question is – what should you do about your roofing problems? There are essentially three different options. First of all, you can repair the damage; second of all, you can restore the structure; or, third of all, you can replace the entire roofing system. Either way, you are going to need an experienced Minnesota roofing contractor to get the job done right.

MN Roofing Repairs

The biggest advantages to doing roofing repairs and maintenance are that it is often the cheapest option. Roofing repairs can be done in less than a day in some cases. When it comes to proper roofing maintenance, it is a good idea to get an inspection done once a year to look at your gutters, your siding and your roofing structure. If there are any problems found, it will most likely cost a lot less to repair the small issues now rather than wait until they escalade out of a hand. However, keep in mind that regular maintenance and repair can only go so far. If you shingles or other roofing structures are completely falling apart, it might be because they have outlived their life span and it is time for them to retire.  A MN roofing contractor can determine if your roof needs a simple repair or something more drastic.

Restoring your Roof

Roof restoration is another option. You can save up to half the cost of a new roof with roof restoration. Furthermore, you can span the project over a number of years so you do not have to worry about a large up front lump sum. Advanced restoration technology can repair up to 50% of leaky low slop roofs and also provide you with minimal disruption. Unlike replacing your roof, restoration is a lot faster and provides less mess.  However, roof restoration is only for those roofing structures that are already in pretty good condition.

Minnesota Roofing Replacement Options

The final option is to go for the whole shebang and get your roof completely replaced. This is the best solution for those who are looking for a change in their exterior look or who are battling constant leaks and missing shingles. If your roof is over 20 years old, replacing it might be the best option. You will get 20 to 30 years of good use by replacing it and can be rest assured that your roof will be able to handle the upcoming winter seasons and all the havoc it brings.

No matter what option you choose, consult an experienced Minnesota roofing contractor for a free estimate and assessment of your roofing needs.