Hail Damaged Roof Minneapolis & St Paul

Hail Damaged Roof Minneapolis & St Paul


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It’s a bird; it’s a plane; nope, it’s another hail storm and it’s coming right for your roof! There is no way to prepare your roof for another Minnesota hail storm. In most cases, all you can do is simply sit inside, watch from the window and bear the damage these monstrous white balls will cause. From broken windows to car dents, from scratched shingles to tree damage, after a hail storm your yard can look like a driving range gone wrong. And you haven’t even looked at your roof yet!

What to Look for in Hail Damage

There are certain signs that your roof has been negatively impacted by the hail storm. Be on the lookout for the following tell-tale signs that your roof has been a victim of a hail storm. If you notice these problems, take pictures of the damage for evidence used during your hail damage claim:

  • Indented shingles, caused by the impact of the hail
  • Scratched or cracked shingles, caused by the impact of the hail
  • Tears in the shingles, caused by the impact of the hail
  • Curled shingles, caused by the wind direction as well as the impact of the hail
  • Loose granules in the gutters or ground, which is caused by the impact of the wind and affects the effectiveness of the shingles.
  • Leaking in the attic or anywhere else
  • Mold or mildew stains
  • Gutter damage
  • Siding damage
  • Fallen structures on the roof including trees
  • Broken windows or skylights

Hail Damage over Time

Your roof is not leaking; your shingles are all in place and there are no serious indents anywhere. However, your roof may still be damaged. Even the smallest cracks and problems in your shingles can lead to damage over time. A loss of granules can lead to sun damage while tears in your shingles can lead to moisture build up, mould and mildew. Many people who notice even the slightest amount of hail damage to their roof will contact a Minnesota roofing contractor right away for a free assessment of what is the best option. Replacing a few shingles now may save you thousands down the road. After all, the littlest bit of damage can lead to serious problems a few months later.

MN Hail Damage Contractor

The process of detecting and evaluating hail damage is confusing to say the least which is why your best estimate of the damage is often not enough. Contact a qualified Minnesota roofing contractor with experience in hail damage for a second opinion as well as advice on your next step. Brigley Roofing is an excellent place to start your journey after suffering through a hail storm.